Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tham Tuck Meng

Recently I haven't been having nightmares anymore, but very weird dreams.

Yesterday night, I dreamt of Tham Tuck Meng, who is no longer principal of RV, but a CEO of a company, giving me a job interview.

He seems jovial and happy and talkative, not silent and thinking like he used to be.

Very unfortunately, it seems that one blog reader told me to go for this interview, and I went directly after I woke up - in my PJS and very messy and ugly hair (exactly the view I had in my mirror before I slept) and he looked rather disappointed to see me unkempt.

I also did not being my resume (which I have not written due to my laziness, I thought with dread) because I had a silly thought in my head that I only wanted to go to the place to see if I liked it first, not for a real interview.

Most unfortunately, it was a real interview.

Who did I see at my interview, also being interviewed, but Dr Jean Gray? Duh. Beside me, she looked much older and more matured, and of course much smarter as well, so I hated her to death coz she would get the position I wanted.

It suddenly became very XMEN and Tham Tuck Meng transformed into a cross being himself and Professor X.

There were many other people dressed in black too, and overall, it looks like a busy PR firm or something.

This bespectacled lady came up, and suddenly shoot a laser ray of information across the room, not unlike a laser show kind, except it was 3D and very solid looking.

Across the room it went, and very near Dr Jean Gray's head.

The lady laughed, and said loudly, "You have to move, Dr Jean Gray! This thing can't go through you!"

DJG very determindedly said, "YES IT CAN."

Everyone laughed. However, being the science expert she is, she possibly knew her stuff.

"Switch it off again," she told her lady.

So the lady did.

"And on it." This time, DJG was standing in the path of the solid ray about to be shot across the room - exactly where her head is.

For a wild moment, I was thinking about how she was going to escape this unscathed, and I thought to myself, maybe she can just make it go "through" her ... Maybe, pass it through her earholes!! Except that the ray possibly can't be scrunched up.

She stood there obstinately, not unlike how she stood before the plane in Xmen2.

The ray was forcing itself through her head while she winced in pain. "This can be done," she said,grimacing. "But only with immense pain."

A transformation was happening. She, from the beaufitul self, became this ugly, bald and raw-skinned alien standing there. Irresolute. Finally, when the ray passed through her, she collapsed.

The ladies collected her body and I assumed they sent her for medical care.

I was happy because she was not there to fight for the position with me anymore! Yaaay!

Later on, I was being interviewed by these two pint-sized guys.

I don't remember the contents much, but I told them that I wanted my salary $1,500 and they laughed and said I am ridiculous and also said that $1,000 is what they are offering.

I also made a joke about kids who have long names. "How did they spell it?" I said with glee. "I had this primary school friend called Nicholdemous and I don't know how he survived"

Suddenly, the person interviewing me become a primary school classmate (i don't know who it is, looks vaguely like nicholdemous) and he said, "Got meh?"

"Oh yeah ah, u are in my primary school." I said.

"Hey Nick, got this Nicholdemous person meh?" he asked the real Nicholdemous, just sitting in front of me, albeit all grown up (with the same hairstyle though).

Fortunately, Nicholdemous didn't seem to remember his name, so he mumbled something like, "don't have lah".

At this point of time, I was awakened by Eileen and Eekean's msgs, respectively asking me to watch The Dreamers at 715pm later, and that I have missed the beautiful sunrise (because I wake up so late) and it is not healthy.

Stupid dream's a rojak between Xmen (ads shown on TV mobile), a rereading of my RV student diary and yearbook, being jobless, and reminiscing about my primary school days because of my infatuation with the song Tong Nian. -_-


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Why not post some of the nightmares? They might be more interesting, are they?

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