Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Just hate all the weird dreams man.

Yesterday night, I can't really remember it now, I dreamt of Wong the Lawyer. She was with me as we met up in the middle of the night for a midnight show at JE (something to do with us watching The NoteBook together a few days ago).

We were travelling by MRT. In my dream, mum did not know I went out so late, so I had these jiggling nerves as I waited for Wong.

To our surprise, the MRT was pitch black. So black that I cannot see her clearly. Apparently, this is a new MRT station and it is not opened to the public yet. It's not the first time I dreamt of this new MRT line thingy ... But yet, there were a few people around, exploring the new place with us. It was humongous and horrifying.

She was lost again! "EEKEAN!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, and she appeared, giving me the "this place is cool" look when she finally came back. "Don't keep running off like this! I am scared!"

We tried to walk down the stairs, which was badly constructed and steep. Halfway down, the stairs became this steep slope (almost vertical down) which I managed to slip down rather smoothly (with my dream heels, ha ha, the red pair).

We had to jump over the gantries, and ended up in some place like Queenstown MRT, except pitch black.


I woke up feeling the bei gui ya feeling and slapped myself awake before falling back to sleep again.

I hate that stupid feeling! And it's the first day of the ghost month. -_-

Forgot half the dream. I must be diligent and sleep with my laptop on my bed the next time!


Blogger Kean said...

can't believe I appeared in ur nightmare. This is ominous. Which goes to say, that I am, metaphorically, the girl of your dreams. Repea after me, awwww.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Xiaxue said...


Nobody reads this blog and I have no idea why you are reading it. LOL

1:20 AM  

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