Saturday, September 11, 2004

I dreamt of ... you

I had this very weird dream and you were inside, although just playing a small part.

I was in this car with my brother and I don't know why but he was sitting on the driver's seat and controlling the accelerator and brake but the steering wheel was in front of me and therefore the bulk of the driving still depended on me (Bro did a good job actually). I often dream of driving and it always ends up in accidents. Sigh. How perilous. And one wonders why I dread learning driving.

Suddenly, without me really noticing, this car became a very long bicycle with many many wheels trailing behind it. I was driving (not riding) it through this mountaintanous (how to spell?) patch of Singapore, although there were HDBs built on the hills.

It was a tumultuous journey.

Poof! Brother disappeared. In place of him was these two rather middle-breed looking girls (as in they look like the average plain Jane on the streets), who, with thick make-up, managed to convince the world that they are good looking. They are stupid of course. I don't like them.

The journey on the bike stopped and immediately, this bunch of 2 uncles and 2 aunties begin to crowd around me and purchase the cheap jewellery that suddenly appeared on a push cart beside me.

I was acutely aware that these jewellery were your goods and my objective was to drive the bicycle to this area and sell them.

THEN HORRORS OF HORRORS! I realised that with my lousy driving has caused all the other wheels on the bicycle to fall off! It was now a normal bicycle! Oh no, you will kill me!

The two girls begin to look at me with disapproving looks and I hated you for choosing such gross and dumb people to work with me (This has something to do with choosing models and actresses to work with
me I believe).

Because the uncles and aunties were now very enthusiastically choosing your jewellery by the tens, I could not have time to backtrack and retrieve the wheels which have fallen off.

So I delegated the work to the girls and asked them to do it.

They came back, and told me something really patronising: They cannot find the wheels and they must be stolen.

I wanted to holler at them and tell them no one in the right frame of mind would steal disheveled bicycle wheels but I cannot - not with customers there. So I kept quiet (with some difficulty) and asked them to check again.

They stood there like dummies.

I told the uncle he cannot open the packets to inspect the hair clips inside like that.

Later there was this problem of giving them the sold products because there was no plastic bag available.

At this flustered point of time, I received an sms from you that claimed that with two such pretty girls helping me, I was bound to succeed in this business and you had utmost faith in me. You also said you were in Surabaya. What the? Oh yeah, your sms had this cute flashing smiley face in it too! Double what the?!

I felt very bad that I lost all ur wheels and a little frustrated that selling credit should be given to the dumb girls who did nothing. At the same time, I was pleased to receive a msg from you although it was about business. I was secretly happy that you chose to send it to me and not to the two other barbies.


Suddenly you appeared and told me you think I am a Loser. Just as I was about to explain that the wheels dropping off was not my fault but inferior manufacturing's, you waved off my rabid explanations nonchalently and said that I have failed, so I am a Loser.

I babbled.

The "Pte Ltd" from my card (still my normal namecard) flashed in my eyes and luckily enough, I woke up at this point of time.

p/s: The hilly area was Stirling Road I believe.


Blogger monster said...

Luckily u did not dream of me. Its a nightmard

11:25 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I used to have dreams of cars changing into bicycles and visa versa before I learnt to drive!

I wish I could remember my dreams with as much clarity as you do. Some of them are pretty weird but the memory of them evaporates in the seconds after waking up. D'oh!

btw, your blog is getting better (and funnier) with each post; you have a real talent for communication. Mind if I add you to my links?

2:31 AM  

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