Thursday, November 25, 2004

Evil hand

Bah! Having a goddamn fever right now. Yesterday night slept at Momo's room, and I somehow dreamt that there was a hand, somewhat like the Addam's family's one, and clutched mine tightly while I was asleep.

I woke up coz the hand was gently fondling mine (not a wet dream, no), and intertwining its fingers with mine. It was a man's hand

I saw that it was a severed hand and was quite scared by it. However, since in my dream my mum and brother was sleeping in the bed next to mine, I held on to the hand (now attempting to wiggle off) and woke them up.

They saw the hand and was startled by it as well.

We then proceeded to tkae down the thumbprint of the hand so that we can find out who the hand belonged to. (has to do with watching CSI the previous night) The hand put up a mighty struggle.

I cannot remember what happened but it seems we tried to drown the hand or something, with futile efforts.

I woke up after I decided that I should just give the hand to the police, since they can be the ones taking down the fingerprints.

I am going crazy.


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