Thursday, January 20, 2005


Think it is really quite the ultimate that you blog that you dreamt that you were blogging?

Anyway, also dreamt that he told me he is breaking up with his gf in two days, and that he loves me and will be with me? He then brought me to a party, and ... INTRODUCED ME AS GIRLFRIEND! I never felt happier, oh gosh.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Was monster

I dunno why but dreamland became the set of "dawn of the dead" and I was hit by some plague and started to bite and kill people. It happens in little spasms, so sometimes I am ok, sometimes I am not.

I was running around, hoping someone would help me but yet very scared that I will bite off my friends' heads. As a result, I was more happy seeing people I don't know. I killed an old man sweeping the floor who oddly enough, looked likethe sweeper in The Avivator. -_-

Later on I kept asking people to tie me up so that I cannot bite but nobody did and I was very scared that I'd get that urge to bite again. Teeth sibeh sharp sia. Wonder if boh gei Eileen were to transform would she grow sharp tooth also.

So anyway, people were lazy to tie me up and they didn't in the end. But I also didn't transform.

Remember a scene where I was running up and down the stairs feeling particularly glad when I see strangers. Would that mean I have no qualms about killing other people as long as I don't know them? ! Horrid horrid me!!