Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A bloody yellow bike?!

Dr T was online yesterday! Can you believe it? After going missing for so many months!?

I was so sure he blocked me that I didn't even dare talk to him. But there he was indeed, bold as brass.

SY told me to ignore him and I did. I hardly think, after the F issue he'd ever speak to me again la. I thought I pushed him to the back of my mind - and I did! However, the back of your mind is exactly where they extract your dreams from...

Somehow, I cannot remember very clearly now, he gave Shuyin, Meiyan (don't ask why MY) and me a yellow lamborghini bike, with the car plate 7.

We were to take good care of it. SY and MY, both experienced drivers (the bike turned into a car) were to drive it, and I was sitting at the back, feeling quite forlorn. Even without a license I was pretty sure I could operate a simple car. I WANT TO DRIVE IT!

They were driving it happily (actually just my) and were about to turn into the AYE when I begged MY like crazy to let me drive. She finally relented.

Yay! Yellow convertible fun! Somehow both SY and MY disappeared at this point of time and I was cruising around dangerously. Fuck, this stupid keyboard makes me type things wrongly. So annoying to keep backspacing. I think I shall not corrwect my typo errors from this poiont onwards. it is not qas if I am not already having difficultuy remmebering the dam,n dream.

As I was saying, SY and MY disappeared, and I was damn scared, but still doing pretty well for a novice. I circled around the neighbourhood, got lost, and bumped into someone else (on bike again). I was very sure the nice yellow paint got scratched and was damn scared Dr T would holler at me.

I made it back safetly into a building where there were a lot of army kids around. Suddenly, the bike rode into a bustling room and I couldn't stop it. I was bound to knock people. Then I did a thing which, at that point of time, I thought was damn stylo: I rode on to the top of the table.

That said table was full of metal trays with uneaten food still wrapped with cellophane.

The bike went smoothly over the food while everyone gaped. I tried very hard to only ride on the side of the table between where the drinks dispensers are, and where the food was. It went well for a bit then from mid-way onwards it was food-riding.

I rode out of the building, knowing I was in deep trouble. Irrelevant people like Zhi Peng told me he'd help me. Some other people were being mean and refused to help but thank god for them I cannot blame them in real life as I cannot remmeber who they were.

Then I woke up.


Blogger zencomix said...

You're getting all sorts of comments on your main blog, and hardly a peep out of anybody on the dream blog. Poor Dream Blog, so lonely and ignored, I'll say hello! Tell us more about the riding, the biting, the tying up,the begging like crazy to drive....

7:54 AM  

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