Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Soft shelled crabs.

Dreamt I was snatching the crunchy one with a boy ...Failed. There were 4 crabs. And then xiaoyu and I (together with some RV people including Wong [always inmy dreams sia that woman]) tried to steal Lego outta a swimming pool.

In the end the guard was checking everyone's bag. I got paranoid that I had contravene stuff so I repacked the bag and in the end I got a phone call, went away halfway, and they check it, finding the crabs in the side pockets. -_-

So we cooked and ate it.

Woke up with a wicked craving.


Blogger J Schnorng said...

I also have a diary where I talk about my dreams, and this one reminds me of an entry where I dreamt I was running away from home, because my family had turned into giant robots (don't ask me why, I also don't remember, but they were damn scary, and had lasers! wah!)

So anyway, I ran to a riverside, and there was this guy fishing, but he had no hook, right? And all the fish were jumping into his basket, and I was, like, 'wah, how come you so good, the fish will jump into your basket?'

The guy turned to me and said, 'You must know, when your heart is still, the fish will come to you,' or some cheem stuff like that.

So, anyway, he caught a stingray, and then used his internal energy to cook it and we ate it, and I was like, 'wah, this guy is damn powerful'

Then I woke up, and was craving stingray for about a month. I hate those dreams where you wake up craving food. Damn sad.

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